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Slaughter High Review

Title: Slaughter High

Year: 1986
Format: DVD
Label: Arrow Video

If you like teen slasher movies of the low budget variety, you're probably gonna find this movie of some interest. The story is simple. A group of high school graduates are invited back to their school for a re-union. After discovering that the school is boarded up and derelict, they decide to spend the night anyhow - of course.

This movie has some serious identity issues. On the one hand the formula and the characters are all there. On the other hand you have two directors and a cast of British actors ( one in her very late 20s ) playing American teenagers. Add to this the fact that it was shot in England and you have the beginnings of an uphill struggle.

The script was written very quickly - over a few weeks if I remember correctly. To be honest, I was quite impressed with what they'd come up with in light of this fact. The movie does actually work. But I don't like it! There I said it. 

There is too much detracting away from the fun. The acting isn't too bad. The school does look English but it's passable. The death scenes are pretty good. But on a whole, it feels empty. Listening to director Mark Ezra talk about this movie, there is a sense of regret. Regret for making the movie, or just that the movie could have been so much more? I believe that Ezra was just unlucky. He was aiming to cash in on the Halloween, Friday 13th, Black Christmas....( any other holiday horror cash cow ) and he had a great plan. A named actress - Caroline Munro ( who I believe he was dating ) and a Theme - April Fools Day.

The funding was in place but was cut down to a minimum. It didn't matter, they had the theme. The whole movie is based around April fools day pranks but prior to release, another movie by the same name was released by a major studio. Shit.

Despite it's shortcomings, this movie does have some charm. The effects and gore are very well done. If you are into this genre I would say it's worth checking out, if only for the gore and Munro's screams, but for me it was a stretch too far.

The DVD release however is excellent. Original extra features including interviews and commentary tracks. I would recommend this DVD on those merits alone. There is some interesting subject matter discussed relating to low budget and cult movies produced in that era.

UK Films Rating: 5/10 - Worth a watch
Release Rating: 8/10 - Excellent extra features and cover art.
Did James like it? NO

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