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Bail Out Review

Title: Bail Out
Format: DVD
Year: 1989
Label: Digiview Productions

The synopsis describes Bail out as an action packed comedy. And it is. To some degree. And it has a great cast. And the story is fine - for a 30 min episode of Magnum.

The story is about a group of 3 bounty hunters who are given the task of watching a wealthy heiress to ensure that she turns up for court the following day. Needless to say things get complicated when the girl is kidnapped.

For a 1989 movie, it feels a lot earlier. Like previously mentioned, it has the vibe of a Magnum episode, and to some extent, Hasslelhoff's character has similar traits and he plays the role well.

The direction is fair to good and the comedy, although not laugh out loud ( or not so intentionally ) is lighthearted and entertaining. 

The action is good. The car chases, firefights, horse-riding.. all done well. The chemistry between the bountyhunters also works well. 

This is not a good movie. It has alot going for it, but it just not good. I'm not sure if it's a pace issue or maybe a lack of variation in locations, but something doesn't work. Like mentioned twice before, it seems like an extended episode of magnum. This could have been ( maybe it was ) a feature length pilot for a TV series - which would have been pretty good. 

Overall, probably would have been a worthwhile video rental in 1989, but best steered clear of nowadays. The Digiview DVD transfer is shockingly bad which doesn't help either.
UK Films Rating: 4/10 - Not great.
Release Rating: 2/10 - Bad quality transfer. Poor packaging & no extras.
Did James like it? No

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