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Sexy Beast Movie Review

Title: Sexy Beast
Format: DVD

Year: 2000
Label: FilmFour

Sexy Beast is a gangster movie featuring Ray Winstone. Maybe you are thinking that about sums it up, I know that's all I'd really have to know to make my own assumptions as to the nature of the movie - a gritty London based run of the mill cockney  cock fight. This is not at all what this film is like - is that a good thing? I'm not entirely sure.

The story revolves around two couples, retired from a life of crime who have found peace and harmony living the good life on Spain. A face from the past appears summoning Ray Winston's character to return to London for 'one last job' - so far so big standard. The difference here being that Ray Winston is not the hard man. He's afraid if saying no and it takes alot of courage for him to say no. Ben Kingsley's character will not accept no for an answer. 

I must say that the direction shows some real flares of genius but also is left wanting in other places. The script is great but the plot doesn't quite deliver. The acting is superb especially by Cavan Kendall and Ben Kingsley.

It feels like a gangster film fighting against being an art film which doesn't quite sit well together. It may be my own Pre-conceived notions of what a gangster movie, or maybe even a conflict movie should be, but for me, although it has a great atmosphere, it never really feels immersive. The plot doesn't thrill. Maybe it isn't meant to. The lead character is not a hero. Again maybe this is not a bad thing, it's very realistic in that sense and it gives the character some genuine depth.

The release itself is very good. Great packaging and artwork. Lots of extra features.

On the whole I would recommend watching this movie we a Pre-warning not to expect your typical gangster film. If you go into expecting that, it will lead you on for the first half of the movie and you may be disappointed with the second half.

UK Films Rating: 7/10
Release Rating: 8/10 - Exellent transfer. Trailers. Behind Scenes...
Did James like it? Yes

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