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The Divide Movie Review

Title: The Divide
Format: DVD 
Year: 2011
Label: Momentum

First of all let me say that the cover art is a little misleading. 99% of this movie is set in a bunker. But the image of the apocalyptic earth depicted in the artwork does match the image formed through unfolding of the story in the bunker.

The first thing that struck me about this movie is the quality of the production. It looks and sounds great. The camera movements and direction are excellent. The acting for the most part is also very good.

The story is simple but brilliant. A group of people descend into the basement of their apartment block when bombs start falling outside. It turns out that the building's care taker has created a functional fall out shelter.
The main story focuses on the collapse of society in the microclimate housed in the fall out shelter. The changes in the characters and overall states of minds is brilliantly done. It incorporates all of the best ellements of any post apocalyptic movie and crams it all into the tiny clausraphobic space. It's been seen before in horror thrillers, but this is extremely well done and horrifiying in parts.

Needless to say that not everyone makes it. A few events early on make it very clear that this movie takes no prisoners. There are so many well defined characters that it would be difficult for me to go into those here, but they are all individuals that really build the tension.

When things really start to get messed up around the mid way point, it is difficult to look away. My wife's pained frown all the way through this portion of the movie is enough for me to love it, but it really is a well crafted and well executed triumph of cinema in my opinion.

UK Films Rating: 9/10
Release Rating: 9/10 - Great picture & sound. 24min Making Of
Did James like it? Yes

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