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City Hall Movie Review

Title: City Hall
Format: DVD
Year: 1996
Label: Warner Bros.

This is a political thriller staring Al Pacino and John Cusack with a minor supporting role by Bridget Fonda.

The plot revolves around the Mayor of New York ( Pacino ) and his deputy ( Cusack ) caught up in a political scandal when a young boy is caught in the cross-fire between a mobster and a cop. The boy dies. In fact all three die. It becomes a political mine field when suggestions that the cop was dirty hit the media.

The acting is top class with all actors including the supporting roles delivering outstanding performances. The only exception is Bridget Fonder. It's not a terrible performance but the makes no real impact or connection with the other characters. This may be down to the writing. She is a similar role to Sandra Bullock in A Time To kill which was released in the same year, but Fonda's Character is not developed we'll enough and feels like an after thought. "We need a supporting actress similar to that film they are shooting over at Warner Bros."

The direction is excellent and the whole production is slick. In a very 
90's way. Maybe too slick.

The plot develops nicely and at a steady pace allowing the characters to develop and the bond between the Mayor and his deputy to cross over to the viewer.

After you get over the dense dialogue, the American political  and New York colloquial  Dialect and etiquette, you start to get a feel for the city. The viewer is lead to feel less alienated by the fact that Cussack's character is not originally from New York and although he tries to actively participate and integrate the Cultural influences present in City Hall into his own life, he is still only learning.

When you finally get around to absorbing the plot, you may think that you know how it will end. You are probably right. But the journey is worth the ride in my opinion. Even though there are no major unexpected twists, the way the prices come together is engaging mainly due to the fact that the actor make the character feel real.

In conclusion I would recommend this movie for those who enjoy political thrillers. There have been some great ones in recent times and this one is often over- looked. 

UK Films Rating: 7.5/10
Release Rating: 3/10 - OK transfer and only a Trailer
Did James like it? Yes

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