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2010 Movie Review

Title: 2010
Format: DVD
Year: 1984
Label: Warner Bros.

A Sci-Fi sequel with a hell of alot to live up to. Did it succeed in this task - well it turns out that living upto the Kubrick's original 2001 is not really what this movie aims to do. If that was the task, it fails, but that is not to say that 2010 isn't an outstanding sci-fi film in it's own right.

2001 was a visual, emotional and atmospheric treat. 2010 manages use these elements but also intergrates more on dialogue to develop the characters and the plot.

I must say I am a big fan of 2001 and for this reason, I didn't feel the need to
watch 2010 until recently as I feared great disappointment. How wrong I was.

The effects are outstanding even by today's standards. The acting is solid, the characters are well developed and the plot is intriguing. It can be hard to understand at times, and would maybe have been easier to take in if the crew acted a little more confused about the discoveries they make so that the viewer could empathise, but this is a minor niggle.

In places it reminds me of Disney's 'The Black Hole' and you can also see where more recent films such as Event Horizon and Sphere found their inspiration.

This is not a Kubrick film and shouldn't be expected to be. If you are a sci-fi fan and watch this movie with an open mind you might just find a new sci-fi top 20 candidate.

UK Films Rating: 8/10
Release Rating: 6/10 - Good transfer and no real features.
Did James like it? Yes

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