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Death Sentence Movie Review

Title: Death Sentence
Format: DVD
Year: 2007
Label: Entertainment In Video

This is a revenge movie, pure and simple. Done many times before by many great actors and directors, but this one is a little different. Now I'm a big fan of revenge movies. I'm a fan of vigilante movies too. What these movies all seem to have in common is the fact that the protagonist is driven so much that when they go on their revenge mission, nothing can stop them or make them feel that revenge is the wrong way to proceed. Also, the good guy is usually pretty bad ass. These two common denominators are missing from Death Sentence, and that's the beauty of it.

I can't say that I'm a fan of Kevin Bacon, but for me, this movie proves that he
is in fact a solid actor that can connect with the audience and it has made me warm to him as an actor. The reason for this bold statement, is that his charactor is so very vulnerable and he portrays this so bloody well.

Bacon's character is an average joe. He witnesses his son's murder. He seeks revenge with no skills, no confidence and no solid plans. It goes wrong and then he has to deal with the consequences. There are some Taxi Driver / Falling Down moments thrown in for good measure too.

John Goodman is pretty cool in this and on a whole the acting is great. It's a small movie that has a unique flavor.

At times, the direction is outstanding and there are some elaborate set pieces and a super long single take in a multistory carpark which is brilliant.
All in all I was entertained and somewhat surprised by Death Sentence. It may feel slow paced in places, but it's worth sticking with.

UK Films Rating: 7/10
Release Rating: 6/10 - Poor Transfer, over saturated. Excellent making of.
Did James like it? Yes

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