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Killersaurus Movie Review

Title: Killersaurus
Format: DVD
Year: 2015
Label: 88 Films

Back to some good old home-grown B-Movie goodness with Killersaurus from prolific low budget filmmaker Steve Lawson ( The Silencer, Survival Instinct.. ) The entire movie was shot and edited in a matter of weeks on a shoe-string budget. Made to cash in on the release of Jurassic World maybe? Probably, but who cares? The question is: is it any good? Well let's take a look...

The story is simple and ridiculous, just how we like them. A group of scientists make a dinosaur, a shady government agency is involved and then it all goes wrong..so far so good. The number of lead actors is limited to a small hand few which allows Lawson to develop the characters just enough in the limited time. And the time is very limited. The run-time states 75 mins, but if you take away the credits, we're looking at around 1 hour. 

The production and direction are excellent considering the budget and grueling shooting schedule. The small number of locations, coupled with the use of dark backgrounds, smoke and light effects help to add a sense of claustrophobia, but this is my main gripe. After a while, a change of scene to somewhere with a wider or deeper viewing plane would have added a nice contrast to the dark research labs.

The acting is solid for the most part, with all actors delivering a stern performance. The stand out performance was Kenton Hall, who managed to add a little extra lightness and depth to his character in a pretty contrained environment. Overall the movie feels like a Pilot TV episode for a Sci-Fi channel series ( and that's not a bad thing)

The Dinosaur it's self is not your usual CGI nonsense. This one is real ( or at least it exists in the real world )- It's a model. I must say that I much prefer it this way. Yes it looks dated, but it works, and actually adds production value and a novelty factor if nothing else. The other thing I really like is the use of music. The soundtrack really drives the pace and drama throughout the movie

Despite it's limitations, Killersaurus works. It cannot be judged alongside it's Hollywood peers. It cannot be judged by B-Movies of the past. It's a super low budget movie shot in the midlands in a few weeks with a skeleton crew. I think Creativ Studios should be commended for sheer efficiency and genre hoping ability. What genre will they tackle next? I can't wait to find out.

UK Films Rating: 5/10
Release Rating: 5/10 - Good picture. No extras.
Did James like it? Yes