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Stone Henge Apocalypse Movie Review

Title: Stone Henge Apocalypse
Format: DVD
Year: 2010
Label: Anchor Bay

From the mind of Paul Ziller, the director of 'Beyond Loch Ness' comes another mythical TV movie with a lot of fake British accents, ridiculous locations and CGI stones. But it can't be all bad, can it?  

To be fair, this is a TV movie. It's a low budget TV movie. I'm not sure which station is was made for but I would say that it probably filled it's criteria.
The acting is actually petty solid, which is quite a compliment considering that the amount of psudo science dialogue is mind numbing at best often bordering on annoying. 

The whole thing is generally shot well. The non CGI sets are passable and the lighting is pretty good. 

The main problem with this movie is that most of the most dramatic apocalyptic scenes are not seen. We experience them from within a control room - I understand that the budget dictates this point, but a few external shots with a bit of panic and carnage would have helped a lot. Added to that, the fact that there is no real Bad Guy - A few are introduced towards the end, but they have very little menace about them. 

The music works well a and the action scenes also have sufficient urgency and pace.Misha Collins does an OK job in the lead role, but he is not very charming or intreguing. The role was acted very seriously which I think was a big mistake. 
If the character had come accross a little lighter ( I'm thinking Cristian Slater / Micheal J Fox style ) or geeky like The Librarian or more of a rogue like Indiana Jones - Basically if he was given a character it would have improved the film massively.

This film is a Stargate / Independence Day / 2012 wannabe and falls short in almost every respect. Pure budget TV fodder. Worth a watch? No not really. It's bearable. That's about the long and short of it.  

UK Films Rating: 3/10
Release Rating: 7/10 - Good picture, Making Of included.
Did James like it? No