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Apocalyptic 2077 Review

Title: Apocalyptic 2077
Format: Amazon Prime Video
Year: 2019
Label: Acclaim Video

This film is a 65 minute post apocalyptic romp obviously influenced by the Italian Mad Max / Escape from New York rip offs such as Escape from the Bronx, Warriors of the Lost World etc. The main difference being that this film was shot on a pocket money budget and it's from the UK. 

What this lacks in budget, it makes up for in charm. It's like Shaun of the Dead meets Book of Eli.

Cyberpunk - Apocalyptic 2077
Our unlikely hero is an agoraphobic weather station technician, who finds himself trapped in a bunker for 8 years after 99% of the population are wiped out in a nuclear war.
Jack's only friend, the weather station's AI computer, discovers some information that could save the world! It's Jack's job to find what's left of civilisation and deliver this most vital information to those who can help.

Slaves - Apocalyptic 2077The acting is a real mixed bag, but the quirkiness just adds to the charm of this movie. The usual post apocalyptic tropes are included such as cannibals, cyberpunk gangs and zombies, but the world building here is amazing considering the measly budget. There is a Bladerunner style city scene that looks great and some really great desert wasteland scenes.
Zombie Nun - Apocalyptic 2077
The direction and camera work is solid, so too is the lighting. In particular, the audio is very impressive, something that usually lets down a lot of low to no budget features. The story is nothing amazing, but it never feels slow and there is always something weird and wonderful to look at.  
Sylus - Apocalyptic 2077This movie is not for the average movie goer. If you are expecting a Mad Max style production then you will be sorely disappointed. This one is for trash fans only. That being said, it's only 65 mins so even if you are not usually a trash cinema / grindhouse fan, you might find this a fun way to kill an hour. I thoroughly enjoyed it an can say I am honestly looking forward to a sequel!

UK Films Rating: 7/10
Release Rating: 7/10
Did James like it? Yes

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