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Traceroute Movie Review

Title: Traceroute
Format: Online Screener
Year: 2016
Label: Monochrom

Here we have a documentary which probes the world of sub / alternative cultures, from techno geeks to biological artist, from alternative dildo sculptors to sometimes under-appreciated hollywood practical effects artists. It's a magical mystery tour.

Directed by Johannes Grenzfurther, this feature length documentary starts with some history about the director himself and how he became a bastian of geek culture.
Johanne soon reveals the true theme of the film - A road trip like no other. A jouney across the united states, stopping off at every, any and sometimes hidden geek havens.
Traceroute is gripping from beggining to end. There is a real sense of riding along with Johannes as he introduces us to strange new worlds.

Some of the places, subjects and people are bizarre, some insightful and some politically and socially challenging, but always fun. That is the brilliance of Traceroute. It's a social commentary delivered from a totaly new angle and with real flair.

Johannes is always opinionated, but always open with a real sense of self discovery. I loved every minute of this quirky film. There is such a wide veriety of subjects, tied together by the geek theme, that it feels fluid and expansive, much like the subject matter its self.
Traceroute is certianly the most original documentary I have seen, it's well researched, well executed and extremely well directed & edited. It's fresh and thoroughly entertaining.

I have only seen the online screener so I'm not sure if there are any extra fetures availabe, but to honest there really isn't any need for extras. I suggest that everyone should see this movie. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in geek culture or not - it's just a breath of fresh air.
UK Films Rating: 9/10
Release Rating: 9/10
Did James like it? Yes

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