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Bridge of Dragons Movie Review

Title: Bridge of Dragons
Format: DVD
Year: 1999
Label: Double DVD Pack ( unknown )

Wow! Seriously, this movie is something to behold. Dolph apparently wanted to do a proper action movie after his disappointment with the outcome of his previous film 'Sweepers' - and Bridge of Dragons is.....well it certainly has action.

Scanning the synopsis, I picked out Sci-Fi and Post Apocalyptic - I had to see this movie. When it begins, the text states that the story takes place where the future meets the past.

The first 15 mins are very confusing. First of all you think it's set in some Medieval / Robin Hood era, but then you see modern buildings - my first thought was budget restrictions, but then we cut to a navy seals / expendables type scene which plays out like an episode of the A-Team - lots of slo-mo jumping as explosions go off.
The direction was very strange. I couldn't quite place it. It was somewhere between 70s exploitation, Kung-Fu and Children's TV ( slo-mo action and zooms / dollies into faces, strange face pulling. ) It was unique, but at the same time it felt familiar. I will reveal more in due course.

The dubbing was bad, which is no bad thing. The actions was hit and miss - literally. The story was both formulaic and weird, Dolph's acting was good, but the other actors were comical. Having said all that, it was entertaining and the ridiculous world created was almost captivating. There were even glimpses of Terry Gilliam style flair - well maybe not quite.
After looking up the Director on IMDB, all became clear. I had seen this directing style before. Only ever in one place. The running in and out, the face pulling, the forced low angles and extreme deaths that somehow seem inoffensive.....Power Rangers!! It's the Director of Power Rangers!!!
This movie is laugh out loud bad. That is a good thing. It is also odd. Again, this is a good thing. It's like Rambo / Navy Seals / No Retreat No Surrender meets Time Bandits - directed in the style of Power Rangers on about the same budget as a single episode of said show. In one scene, I was almost hysterical as the same actors got killed 3 or for times each. Legendary stuff. I still haven't made up my mind whether it's a cult classic, but it shouldn't be left to fade into the ether. In fact I've just decided. It's a B-movie essential so go and find a copy right now ( probably about 20p inc postage on eBay. )
UK Films Rating: 7.5/10
Release Rating: 7/10 - Good 4:3 picture
Did Marc like it? Yes

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